Learn French

French is a beautiful language !!!

Similarities between English and French

  • Almost same roman alphabet (with only a few different signs)
  • The way of thinking
  • Sentence Construction 
  • The order of words.
  • Use of pronouns and the tenses.
  • Lots of words have the same origin. 

Differences between English and French

  • A specific pronunciation
  • Grammatical differences which may seem difficult at first sight.
    • Every noun has a gender. Determinants and adjectives agree in gender with them.
    • Verbs have a different conjugation for each grammatical person and some of them are irregular.
    • Constructions of the sentences are sometimes different.Constructions of the sentences are sometimes different.

It may seem difficult to English native speakers to learn French because of its complicated grammar.
But there’s nothing to be afraid of when You study with Us.

Advantages with Ishwa Academy

  • Certified Faculty – A1, A2 and B1 Level
  • One to One Teaching
  • Audio Visual teaching methodology
  • Mock Tests

We tackle all the differences and work with you on them in each lesson and make you understand the French speaking in the best way.



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